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​​​​Olmsted Salon 

Sets: 7:30pm & 9:30pm
The Cave at St. George’s
209 E. 16th St (east of 3rd Ave)
Side courtyard entrance  - $15 cover

A special holiday themed event combining Olmsted Salon's three offerings: Jazz, Theater and Literature. Alex Nguyen and his "Jazz Conceptions Orchestra" will be joined by the Calvary/St. George's Choir and Chris Domig and the Seadog Theater to present an evening of music, literature readings and a short play. Be sure to get your tickets in advance as this is one of our most popular nights!

​Featuring readings by: 

Morgan McGuire, James Yaegashi, Mark Lewis and Michael Howard, MacIntyre Dixon, Jen DiDonato, Chris Domig

And music by: 

Kamel Boutros, Laura Jobin-Acosta, Tami Schuch, Gabbi Coenen, Veronica Davila, Amanda Finch, Patrick Brady, Aidan Schultz-Meyer, Adam Richardson, Noah Halpern, Alex Nguyen, Eric Miller, Alex LoRe, Jonathan Ragonese, Adam Larson Miki Yamanaka, Dave Baron, Jay Sawyer


A Christmas Tapestry: Jazz, Theater, Literature

CAVE PLAYS featuring

artist-in-residence SEADOG THEATER COMPANY